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About CXMT

About CXMT

Founded in May 2016, in Hefei, Anhui, CXMT is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in dynamic random-access memory (DRAM). CXMT’s 12-inch wafer fab is in production. DRAM is used in a wide range of popular consumer products, including mobile devices, computers, servers, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.

CXMT will continue to meet a constantly growing market demand for DRAM with trustworthy products and service. We are committed to improving human lives through pioneering memory technology.

Address: No. 388, Xingye Avenue,
Economic and Technological Development Area,

About CXMT

Brand interpretation:

CX, which stands for “customer experience,?“ indicates that we put the??customer first. Keeping pace with the fast-changing digital era, we are constantly exploring, tapping our potentials and seeking better ways to fulfill our mission of “empowering the information society and elevating the human condition through storage technology”.

M represents digital memory, which is the focus of our mission.T stands for our commitment to the most advanced technology.

The graphic chip located between the letters C and X represents DRAM, the company’s flagship? product, and is a symbol of its reliability.

The graphic “α” means “excellence,” which is what CXMT continuously strives to achieve.

DRAM technology is vital to our daily lives. CXMT is dedicated to developing innovative storage? technology solutions to provide computing power for the digital era.

CXMT conducts extensive scientific research and innovation, undertakes advanced manufacturing, and cooperates with global partners and experts in the semiconductor industry.By delivering trustworthy and sustainable products and services to our customers, CXMT is proud to be a reliable and respected high-tech company.

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