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November 2022
2022 World Conference On Integrated Circuits

On?November?17, CXMT?attended the?2022 World?Conference?On?Integrated?Circuits?where?Mr. Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CXMT, delivered the keynote speech titled?as?“The Challenge to the Global Supply Chain for Integrated Circuits Under the New Situation”. He emphasized that the globalization of industrial chain is a historical trend, and only cooperation can lead to?win-win results.

November 2022
CXMT ESG Program Kick-off Meeting

On?November?10, CXMT?held the ESG Program Kick-off Meeting in Hefei in order to further improve the internal corproate governance system, better fulfill social responsibilities, and clearly establish the goals and the routes for future sustainable development.

May 2022
CXMT was selected as one of the Outstanding Cases of National Program of Promoting Health in Enterprises

Recently, the General Office of the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China published a list of ‘Outstanding Cases in the National Program of Promoting Health in Enterprises’, and the case submitted by CXMT was selected and has been among others promoted as roll-models cross the country.CXMT has taken multiple measures, including creating a safe and healthy working environment, establishing a multi-dimensional mental health service platform, and regularly carrying out health management, particularly improving the care of female employees, so as to continuously enhance the level of occupational health, optimize the working environment, and promote the well-being of their?employees.

April 2020
CXMT and Rambus Inc. Signed Patent License Agreement

ChangXin Memory Technologies, Inc. (CXMT) and Rambus Inc. (Rambus) recently signed a patent license agreement, under which CXMT has been granted a license to a wide range of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) patents from Rambus.

December 2019
CXMT and WiLAN Subsidiary Enter into License and Acquisition Agreements

ChangXin Memory Technologies, Inc. (“CXMT”) and Wi-LAN Inc. (“WiLAN”), a Quarterhill Inc. (“Quarterhill”) company (TSX: QTRH) (NASDAQ: QTRH) announced on Dec. 5 that CXMT and Polaris Innovations Limited (“Polaris”), a wholly owned subsidiary of WiLAN, have entered into a patent license agreement and an independent patent acquisition agreement, each relating to certain Dynamic Random Access Memory (“DRAM”) patents developed by former DRAM manufacturer Qimonda AG (“Qimonda”).

September 2019
Signing Ceremony for the Hefei Changxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Base

On September 21, the documents creating the Hefei Changxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Base project were signed, with the project receiving a total investment of over 220 billion RMB. The project will develop upstream and downstream industrial chains and provide lifestyle service facilities centered on CXMT. It is committed to building a national memory industry base and world-class memory industry cluster.

September 2019
CXMT announces production of its first 8Gb DDR4 product

On September 20, CXMT’s international mainstream 8Gb DDR4 was put into production. This was a breakthrough in memory chip mass production in China.

September 2019
International Recognition

On September 17, Global Semiconductor Alliance announced the appointment of Mr. Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CXMT, to its Board of Directors, reflecting the industry’s recognition of CXMT.

May 2019
Global Semiconductor Alliance Memory+ Summit

On May 15, CXMT made its first appearance at this international forum. There, Mr. Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CXMT, delivered the keynote speech Development of Memory Technologies and Solutions in China of the GSA Summit, discussing the great demand and opportunities the new era has brought to China’s memory market.

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