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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

CXMT has always and will continue to adhere to the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. We expect every employee to follow our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. CXMT employees are expected to lead by example by following the code. Learn More

Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics

CXMT’s many achievements would not be possible without the outstanding capabilities of our partners. We work hard to create business partnerships that foster mutual development, cooperation, and successful outcomes. We encourage our partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders to adhere to the highest ethical standards. We work together to build a healthy and sustainable business environment. Learn More

Compliance Hotline

CXMT’s business practices are transparent, fair, and ethical. We encourage our employees, customers, and partners to report any violations to the company. Prohibited activities include bribery, embezzlement, fraud, and any conduct that violates laws, regulations, or CXMT’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
Violations can be reported on our compliance hotline, which operated by an independent third party and available 24 hours a day. CXMT guarantees the security of any personal information conveyed to the hotline and will shield those who step forward from retaliation.

Compliance Hotline: www.cxmt.ethicspoint.com

Trade Compliance

CXMT is committed to complying with all applicable economic sanctions and export control laws and regulations, including those in China, the United States, the European Union, and Japan. CXMT requires employees and partners to comply with these laws and all related laws and regulations.

Appendix: Statement of Trade Compliance Policy

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