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Environment, Safety & Health

CXMT believes that environmental protection and occupational health and safety are essential to the company’s sustainable development.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and protecting the health and safety of employees and stakeholders. We conduct all operations as a responsible corporation.

Our Goals

  • 1
    Ensure the safe and stable operation of the company
  • 2
    Formulate sustainable business plans
  • 3
    Refine and perfect all management guidelines
  • 4
    Accelerate future technology through research and development
  • 5
    Strengthen corporate-culture building

To achieve these goals, CXMT is committed to continuous improvement in the following areas:


In addition to complying with all applicable international laws and regulations, we are committed to introducing advanced technology and improving environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

2Environmental Improvement

Through innovation and continuous technological improvements, we will reduce resource consumption and help improve the environment.


All employees must be attentive to their own safety and assume responsibility for the safety of those around them.


We will advocate healthy lifestyles and encourage employees to take charge of their personal health.


All employees, partners and suppliers can jointly participate in efforts to ensure safe workplaces, healthy employees and a sound social environment.


We will share our knowledge about environmental protection and occupational health and safety management to help create a flourishing human ecosystem for everyone.

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